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JQ Office, Your Business Partner since 1965, is proud to announce we’re your local source for FP Parcel Pods.

At JQ Office we’re always looking for new ways to serve our client’s changing needs.  Many of our partners have come to us seeking a secure and professional way to better handle their tenant’s deliveries and we have the answer.  Introducing Parcel Pods.  The perfect solution that takes your overworked staff out of the equation and improves safety, security and accessibility.

FP’s Parcel Pods are already in popular use across the nation.  Combining the convenience and security in one centralize location that’s available when your tenant is, not just during your office hours. These elegant parcel lockers allow the flow of package delivery and pickup without intruding upon your staff to manage the connection and responsibility for the correct delivery.  Available in standard and custom finishes to match your style, they become a convenient and easy access point for almost any size of delivery.

Our Pods combine the latest in technology for the delivery person and for the tenant.  No clumsy keys to track, no assigned lockers, and available 24/7, our Parcel Pods offer state of the art package tracking from checking the parcel into the system, to retrieval complete with secure codes, signature pads, and even photo identification to ensure the correct package goes to the correct person.

Save time, money, and hassle while bringing your tenants security and convenience.  You’ll love it and so will they.  Call us today for a free consultation and demonstration of this amazing new standard in tenant luxury.

Come see one for yourself. Call us for a demonstration today.


Is it time to update your old phone system?

Let the experts at JQ Office show you how easy it is to update your phones with the latest in technology, features, and savings.

JQ Office is proud to partner with 3CX to offer our friends the best VoIP phone system available today.  The 3CX phone system is used by over 600,000 companies worldwide with names like; Coke-Cola, McDonalds, Air France, Toyota, Honda, and Holiday Inn Express just to name a few.  JQ Office can help your office update to a better solution no matter how large or small.  From five to five thousand the 3CX system allow all your employees and facilities to say connected in one enterprise system.

Remote workers or remote locations, traveling representatives or call centers maned by hundreds, all can come together under one phone system.  Replace that old static filled antilog system with reliable, clear connections that work the way you do.  Never miss a call again as your VoIP integrates seamlessly into your windows, iOS, or android device.  Who needs a desk phone?  You just need the internet and a computer, surface, laptop, or cell phone.  Let us show you how working from home or an entire staff of remote workers stay connected and save you money.  Call us today for a free consultation and demonstration.